Thursday, June 6, 2013

Near Where I Grew Up

I am sitting in a Starbuck's near where I grew up typing my first blog post on Dominic's IPad and wishing I had remembered the cheap keyboard I had brought for it because typing on this screen is hard to get used. I might not bother going back for edits on this thing so this post might be a little haphazard. It is so great that Dominic let me borrow this; it will be much easier to travel with than my large and heavy laptop. And I can still get a good amount of work done on it. And I can fit it in my purse! Why do I have a laptop again?

Anyway, we got back to Richmond 7 am on Wednesday. We left Columbia around 1 pm on Tuesday. It was an all night drive. No traffic which was nice. Packing felt flurried and a little overwhelming but not more so than saying goodbye to my boys (Dominic and Mr Kitty) which I did not like one bit.  Mom and I stopped and did a little shopping in Ozarkland in MO and she offered to get me this great bag that is brown with pink polka dots and white flowers. So girly I know. This best part of it though is that it says Missouri so I feel like I have a little reminder of Missouri with me, my new little town.

It is nice to be home. Everything is just like I remembered, though it feels slightly different, a little more full, if that makes sense. Cozy. It is difficult to explain but I imagine it would feel at least a little different after being away for 10 months.

 So yesterday was spent recovering from the drive. My grandparents arrived today and Anna should be arriving here any moment to share a cup of coffee with me. Tomorrow I will get lunch with my dad and Yvonne before some of my girls come over for a sleepover tomorrow night! I am definitely excited to see them and for some quality girl time. And in about two more weeks I will be in Bangladesh! Wow.

That's all for now I guess. I am enjoying the music in this Starbuck's- old classics like Dean Martin and Sinatra. I used to listen to this music all the time but I haven't in a while. I wish I could post some pics but I haven't really taken many and those that I have taken are still on my camera. Anna is here now! Bye!